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Bluehub capital | 2019 Annual Report

2019 Letter To Our Partners

Given our current focus on helping our communities navigate the COVID-19 crisis, 2019 seems like a different lifetime. Yet, we had much to be proud of in 2019, and we hope you will find the stories in this report heartening. As you’ll see, they’re linked by our commitment to local work at a national scale. Our strategy has always been to tailor our work to the unique needs of each community we serve—and we’ve continued to use that approach even as we expand across the country.

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Thank you for joining us in this journey,

Elyse D. Cherry
CEO, BlueHub Capital
Dewitt Jones
President, BlueHub Energy
Michelle Volpe
President, BlueHub Loan Fund

Important work starts at home.

Thirty-five years ago, we saw a need for affordable housing in Boston. We have built on that, forging new products, supporting wider ranging initiatives, spanning the country. Yet, wherever we go, we never forget our roots.

Quality Childcare Keeps Parents Working
The Opioid Crisis Demands Action. They’re Taking it.

When we feed the food industry, it feeds people—and the economy.

A recipe to support food entrepreneurs across the country: Combine expertise in financing commercial mixed-use properties with an understanding of critical requirements for food production. Mix thoroughly.

From Farm to Table Through One Organization
Innovation Food Businesses Will Flourish Here

We make affordable housing happen. Everywhere.

It’s how we started. And after decades of supporting all kinds of affordable housing projects in the Boston area, it was natural to join trusted partners in putting that knowledge to work across the country.

An Island in a Sea of Gentrification
Stability Springs from the Right Support
This Housing Helps Seniors Thrive

Our core strengths travel from sector to sector.

We know school financing. So, we took that knowledge to Memphis. Six schools later, we know the Memphis communities we serve. Now we’re investing in affordable housing for Memphis families.

A Vibrant Community Starts with Housing for All

Clean energy is our future.

Clean, affordable electricity is a key driver in the fight against climate change. Low-income communities deserve to be part of the solution.

Equitable Access to Solar Energy Starts with a Policy Shift

We keep people in their homes.

It started with a crisis. Foreclosures were everywhere; our connections were local. So, we developed a program designed to keep people in their homes. Tested the premise. Then moved into states around the country.

Two Months to Get Out. Or a Lifetime to Stay.
A Decade of SUN


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*As of 12/31/2019

Partners in Our Mission 2019

BlueHub Capital and its affiliates provide a wide range of debt and equity products for low-income communities and individuals.

BlueHub thanks its board of directors, loan and venture committees, staff, professional support, contributors, investors and borrowers.

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Our mission is to build healthy communities where low-income people live and work.